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Q: Is the procedure painful?

A: There is almost always some discomfort; the sensation is often described as a "hot rubber-band snap." Your own experience will depend on many factors including the location of the tattoo and the density of the ink. Since the lasers specifically target tattoo ink, there is very little damage to surrounding tissue and healing time is usually brief and uncomplicated.

Q: How many sessions will it take to remove my tattoo?

A: The length of treatment depends on the size of the tattoo, the type and color of ink, and the techniques used during the tattoo application. For example, newer black tattoos with thick lines usually require 6 to 12 sessions to remove, while older homemade tattoos may be eliminated in 1 to 3 sessions.

Q: Are certain colors difficult to remove?

A: The various wavelengths of Q-switched lasers target specific pigment types. Our lasers are designed to remove a full spectrum of colors. Black tends to lift most easily, reds and yellows lift fairly easily, and blues and greens tend to be the most stubborn.

Q: Does every tattoo remove completely, without any trace?

A: Around 85%-90% of all tattoos can be completely removed. The depth, existing scar tissue, and health of the client are the main factors that determine whether the tattoo will be completely eliminated.

Q: What can I expect after my first session?

A: The size and placement of the tattoo being treated will determine the type of aftercare required. Some treatments can be performed on a lunch break, while others require hours of rest afterwards. We will be discuss this with you during your consultation to determine the best time for your first appointment.

Q: How long do I need to wait between sessions?

A: For most tattoos, we recommend waiting between six to eight weeks between sessions. For the final one or two sessions, a ten to twelve week waiting period is typical.

Q: I want to get another tattoo to cover this one; can lasering help?

A: Lightening an existing tattoo gives you and your tattoo artist many more options when designing a cover up. Remember to wait a minimum of eight to ten weeks after the last laser session before having the area re-tattooed.

Q: I am dark-skinned. Can I be lasered?

A: Yes, but there is a greater risk of hypopigmentation-- a drastic lightening of the skin. While most cases of hypopigmentation reverse over time, there is always a possibility of a permanent loss of color.